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    Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research (TIPR), as one of the nation’s most important institutes, has a history of over half a century and has been engaged in pharmaceutical research and development. Today it has grown from an academic research institute up to a comprehensive high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacture and sales. The scientific research of TIPR covers the fields of drug synthesis, pharmaceutical preparations, Chinese medicine pharmacy, modern biological pharmaceutical, pharmacological drug, drug safety evaluation, drug analysis and medical information. With advanced talents and relying on the State Key Laboratory as well as other professional platforms, TIPR pays special attention to the engineering and industrialization of new technology. Meanwhile it meets all kinds of new drug registration requirements. Its technologies in the fields of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, safety evaluation and new preparation are in the leading positions in China.

    TIPR possesses independent industrial and technical service platforms to promote the transfer of research achievements. We are composed of TIPR Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(holding controlled) , TIPR Drug Assessment Co., Ltd. (holding controlled), TIPR-HUYA AIM Co., Ltd. and other pharmaceutical enterprises. For over 50 years, TIPR has carried out fruitful cooperation with pharmaceutical companies all over the country, which not only provides a large number of excellent new medicinal products for the society, but also produces many outstanding enterprises.

    With a comprehensive research mechanism and a professional talent team, TIPR has been continuously offering new products and technologies by maintaining close observation of the changes and trends of the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to developing new and excellent pharmaceutical products, TIPR has also brought generous economic returns to our partners. With our comprehensive and professional technical service, TIPR is committed to promoting the upgrading of your products and making your dream come true.

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